Friday, October 2, 2009


Ok here we go so I talk to the regional commissioner today and still the same ole shit as always they dont do a damn thing but sit on there ass while our tax dollars are wasted on them. This is bullshit and these pussys in life let them do what they want and say nothing. Scared some of us are me I not a pussy and I proud to stand up for my rights and wont let anything or anybody stand in my fckin way.

These people who work at social services are so fckin stupid and lazy they make up bullshit that were suppose to believe. They dont fckin protect our kids they allow them to be abused even after the fact that all the proof is in thier fckin face and still they allow the abuse to continue. I sick and fckin tired of there bullshit, but you know what there problem is, we dont make them do their damn job so our kids suffer and some of us act like we dont care, so I ask the dumb ass that dont give a fck what I bout your kids will they oh I see they must have a lot of money, well till they have to pay for these dumb ass that fail to do their jobs right, instead they are more worried about their e-mails, texts, and the internet, how do I know because I ve seen them texting, e-mailing, or what ever they were doing in court? All I know is they werent doing there job while they were texting the judge was asking if anyone had anything else to say and they said nothing, like always.