Sunday, August 30, 2009


ok this goes out to the people

how the hell do you go to someone house as a sheriff and not ckeck

the back yard as( the 911 caller) said.

this kills me to think expected us to beleive there here to serve and protect

well i guess that proves it,

dumb ass what the hell was they thinking c that the thing i guess they wasnt i dont

understand so many clues so little help sucks is the nieghor knew and cared enough to call

but nobody did there job like always and we sit back and let this happen.

thats why I blog to so just how unjust they really are . You know it is up to us to stop

this shit but we sad feel bad for the ones who have to suffer

because we the people dont i guess give a shit.

just think we the people pay their pays checks every week, month what ever so

i say to the ones who dont care this is your fckin fault stand up quit hiding

for the ones who care keep care maybe one day we will make them c

so long for now GOOD DAY .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I go to the hearing,sit and wait as i sit there and watch the states queen child abuser laugh and smile like nothing has happen, sorry i about chucked, every domestic worker there comes to see her. as she sits talking of coarse about me, remember im the devil in there eyes , they come up with every peace of bullshit they can to try to make me look bad, dont worry i will find out who this bitch works for and make sure she dont work here anymore, promise for my kids, they think if they get the kids away from me they will goto her. come on stupids i say my kids shouldnt live in hell but they should live in heaven everyday there kids they should be happy not used as tools evryday. but that the states stand nobody has an answer for me. but to get an attorney. so i agree to send them to there mothers to get all charges droped of coarse everyone knows that whats been going is very tramatic on the mind. and if my kids decied to blog one day Ill ask them please of coarse to blog about the tolls this life has had on them and there mind. See world the problem is you ll have to kill me to stop me from protecting my kids at any cost, I at first said fck it ill goto jail before i let them go, but the tax sucker in formed me that he would get me a real tax sucker who would help me through out the trail with the states queen abuser. so maybe he wasnt one of the tax suckers I talk about but it took me to about losing my fckin head before this guy finally figured out I wasnt just another person in the world, I m a very very head strong person who takes shit from no one, have u ever heard the song by limp bizket break stuff or the song by shinedown the sound of madness these our my songs they decribe me almost to a tee. you know it just not me its a lot of people in this fcked up world. people come people go, I will not go till I ve been heard by the world so I hope the world can stand the stenghth of my mind and the power of my illness. there shit they allow to happen to my kids, I hope one day there in the same spot and shit of the world trickles down the crack of there ass. all that read this may say what the, just picture a ant and a elephant me being the ant they try to stomp me cause their scared and worried what kind of harm will I do to there mind less job that they try to do.
sorry this blog may be hard to follow and may be jumpy but i do know this there is one person in this world who has a similar out look there blogs i follow and read they give me some hope that if we all c each other maybe maybe just one day we will all stand together on the steps of this world and abalish all eveil that works in this world so as john would say stay safe ..... for me goodday, protect your kids from all eveil and watch your back their watching closely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I got e-mail from stupid attorney yesterday finialy , he s gone get to get another one hope they plan to do the job right cause Im surely not going to put up with any more tax suckers who thing they dont have to do anything but to suck up the tax payers money and blow us off like we dont matter, but greed set in and they think got them now I dont have to do nothing just suck up the free tax payers money , sad fnk thing is its just not me their are millions of people they screw and they know it I dont under why all the world sits by and laughs at ones misfortion, ever watch my name is earl , then you must know karma, she is real and she will bite u on your ass everytime trust me I ve seen it , I ve lived it , all these mother fnkin tax suckers will get theres oneday and it may be buy a total stranger that they look at wrong but it will happen , but any way so long tax sucker be nice to c the attorney never work for the state again but thats futher down the road so we will c how much people care.

kills me to think that if its this way now then whats it going to be like for our kids (thank god my kids dont have blonde hair theyed be in trouble) when they get my age or my parents age . I think there will be alot more people snaping in the world and its all there fault actually as they sit back in there 12 fckin homes at a price of our expence ,our hard earn dollars payed for them all how is that and I dont own one, dont know if I want to Hell it will never be yours you still have to pay property tax as if you bought it each year the land its not yours its the city county state gov. you know if they want it they take it weather you like it or not course unless you got money and pay them off or make a big donation to there personal account then they might think about it. so too all you tax suckin mother fckers I got something u can suck and to all u people who dont care hope u live a very karma life and she fcks your world up and spits you out like they do us and for the ones who do care dont be afraid to use your mouth speak up cause they cant hear you good day

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well here we go after e-mailing all my state reps gov. office you name them I e-mailed them all the same e-mail and I guess like always no response ,as I thought, What now u ask well I m going to court for contempt for tring to protect my children, cant say alot , just didnt let them go to there mothers cause of the shit she starts, says , false reports, harrasses, you name it she does it like called social services about 21 times in one year , all false, and nobody does nothing to her. so in tring to protect the ones I love I guess I forgot to protect myself , thats what I mean about these agentcies what about the fathers, where is are protection , just cause im a man dont mean I dont have a heart . Yes at one time I was a chronic drug abuser and it took along time for me to grow up , but it did happen just took a while . I m not proud of it but it made me a smarter person , how u ask , by the experiences it brought , some good , alot bad , I made it through it and the evil it brought I get to past it on to my children to help steer them clear of the shit , it is no good , but anyway now understand life and the people tring to run our life, I thought this was a free country , it is so hard not to explode on these people, and walk a day in my shoes its not easy , but all they want to here is show me the money, kids attorney haven t heard from him and as of now dont care he is done with my case I ll make sure of it , why , I need some one to protect my kids , since the state wont right!!!! want to see e-mail that was sent send me your e-mail I ll show u not bad promise. so all for now i need to enform everyone I e-mail about there great job the didnt do dont worry i plan to keep the world in form as much as i can so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when will it stop

I been fighting with the stupid people we put in office since i was 18 and nothing has changed , now I m 35 now and shit it worse than ever the goverment is paid to much for what they do (which is not much ) and we allow this, Why ,do we not care about our kids cause if it dont stop now there is no hope for their future. we are so worried about health care,what about we the people. Notice how the goverment is always broke or need more money,our money, and then blow it on people who dont care about we the people,just them there selfs, hell Im broke and need money for a attorney to sue the county in which I live cause the useless poeple in this state,city,county,goverment piss me off cause they dont protect us from people they know are bad they just let them continue to abuse the good poeple of this state and the higher ups know what the hell is going on, they just dont care, WHY? To stop the destuction of our goverment you must start at the bottom, not the top, does a cop start at the top to catch a drug dealer, hell no he starts at the bottom, the small guy, and thats what has to be done to stop the goverment from screwing us everyday of our lives, like pay there ass $6.35 an hour , whats good for us should be good for them right? Thats where Im at , a very serious problem with x-wife and they dont do shit about the slander harassment and the bullshit she pulls. and gets away with it, things like tring to buy a baby for $3000 and a ford expedition and she got away , now she back and they act like she a queen, so what to do? Ill tell u as a father there seems to be no help for us, just for the mothers, unless we got lots of money. WOULD LOVE FOR EVERYONE TO TAKE A STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!