Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well here we go after e-mailing all my state reps gov. office you name them I e-mailed them all the same e-mail and I guess like always no response ,as I thought, What now u ask well I m going to court for contempt for tring to protect my children, cant say alot , just didnt let them go to there mothers cause of the shit she starts, says , false reports, harrasses, you name it she does it like called social services about 21 times in one year , all false, and nobody does nothing to her. so in tring to protect the ones I love I guess I forgot to protect myself , thats what I mean about these agentcies what about the fathers, where is are protection , just cause im a man dont mean I dont have a heart . Yes at one time I was a chronic drug abuser and it took along time for me to grow up , but it did happen just took a while . I m not proud of it but it made me a smarter person , how u ask , by the experiences it brought , some good , alot bad , I made it through it and the evil it brought I get to past it on to my children to help steer them clear of the shit , it is no good , but anyway now understand life and the people tring to run our life, I thought this was a free country , it is so hard not to explode on these people, and walk a day in my shoes its not easy , but all they want to here is show me the money, kids attorney haven t heard from him and as of now dont care he is done with my case I ll make sure of it , why , I need some one to protect my kids , since the state wont right!!!! want to see e-mail that was sent send me your e-mail I ll show u not bad promise. so all for now i need to enform everyone I e-mail about there great job the didnt do dont worry i plan to keep the world in form as much as i can so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. im not sure if your lucky to have your children, i envy you that, my daughter was taken by the wife years ago, i get a pic or 2 every couple months of her daughter. women
    but they do look hot in a bikini eh :D

  2. Sounds like she's a real *@*!#! Sorry your having to go through all that.

  3. johnz not all women are And it is absolutely true, money talks. It sucks. And when your going through this I'm sure it can make you crazy. Kids aren't stupid though. They will see through everything someday.