Thursday, November 12, 2009


So here we are going through are everyday life taking care of are self's and are family, doing are best to protect them from the bad in life. Mean while the ones who are suppose to protect us are to damn busy doing what ever in the hell they do, besides protecting us. How in the hell does the military let some dumb ass who apparently is out to get us stay in this country or stay in the military. My heart goes out to all that where hurt or killed in FORT HOOD TEXAS, but the bottom line is it is the militarises fault this shit happen, they had all the signs this mother fcker was going to snap on us. What more did they need, they had everything, Just like 9/11 they knew it was going to happen, and instead of stoping it they let it happen. Look at all the pain and suffering now. And who is to blame, to me not the guy that shot everyone, the DAMN military, the DAMN GOVERNMENT, that guy was crying for help and they did nothing, he told them what he was going to do pretty much, and like always the dumb ass fckin military did nothing.
If they cant protect us in our own land then what the fck are we doing over seas. I don't understand there damn thinking. Dumb ass OBAMA and his buddies in the white house are more concerned about health care then our safety. Then the mother fckers want to send more troops to the wars we got going on. We cant even protect our self's let alone some other country so what the fck, why are we going to let this guy live and then turn around and try him in these murders. This shit is getting really fckin stupid, so you mean we have to now pay for him to be housed in a prison until a jury says he did it. WHAT THE FCK WE NO HE DID IT DUMB ASSES that just don't make any fckin sense what more do we need to prove he did it. More dead bodies or some building blowing up. Just fckin juice the guy and get it over with why make the families go through more. Damn we are broke now, and they want to spend millions on this mother fcker to see if he did it. I m here to tell you now my wife was in the military and got hurt guess what the mother fckers could care fckin less about her, you , me or anyone else. They send you to war get your arms, legs, blowed off and then stick you in a shit whole for a hospital and wish you luck and i do mean luck, cause you are on your own after that. But it really PISSES ME OFF THAT (WE) SO CALLED AMERICANS LET THEM DO THIS TO US AND OUR PEOPLE WHO TRY TO PROTECT US.
Kills me to hear people talk about John McCain and how he was a POW he wasn't a fckin POW damn it the mother fcker was captured by a little old lady who nursed him back to health after his plane crashed. Oh but he is a hero, what the fck ever, aren't they all hero's, they are supposed to be protecting us 24/7 right, they all sign there life away when they signed up for the military right. When they sign up, they don't promise them that they will still be alive at the end of there term, no you know the risk when you sign up, but after that term YOU SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF NO MATTER WHAT !!!