Saturday, March 26, 2016

Losers in the state house!!!!

So here we are again Whitney westerfield and John schickel are wasting our time and money on BULLSHIT bills and accepting bribes from the alcohol industry. They both voted for sb11 which is the omnibus bill for alcohol and we all know that alcohol KILLS. Not only do they get kick backs from alcohol industry, they also get kick backs from prescription drug companies, and the biggest from the HEMP INDUSTRY. Do your research people they are losers and need to be voted out!!  They lie, waste our time and money on stupid shit while they BOAST about their religion and family. yes I'm for medical marijuana, yes I for Veterans, my wife, and two sons and the rest,  these bastards don't care anything about our veterans or service men and women, all the while boasting that they do.  Real pieces of shit.  Liars westerfield claims to be a Christian, but goes against everything GOD stands for,  hell he probably doesn't know anything about the Bible, maybe his wife should teach him since she is a teacher. Schickel he's just old and dried up and on his way out Boone county it tired of his deep pockets and lack of morals.  Don't worry there is more to come on both these losers.  
Stay tuned folks the bashing is about to begin as I ramp up my research on these to losers and expose their hidden past. 

And that westerfield you can't HIDE from you better come clean before I expose you!!!!! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Scared politicians

It's funny how politicians get scared when you put their name out there and talk the talk they can't handle. They want us to bow down to them when they should be bowing down to us. We put them there where they're at and when we get upset and ask the tough hard questions or question their Morales they run and hide.  Yes speaking of Whitney westerfield,  I have spoken about medical marijuana, about my veteran wife,  about his so called Christian values, asked tough questions, asked for proof he isn't be bought by big corporations, asked to see his campaign contributions, and what happens I get blocked.  Why maybe he's scared, maybe he's researched my back ground, do I care NO!!!!  
He is just like the rest of the loser politicians we got. 
Lies and ethics violations are the worst when your a politician, oh yeah I'm doing the research to show the folks of Kentucky what a lying hypocrite you are,  and to throw I'm a Christian around like your a saint.  Please you are far from it. Stop lying and righting stupid bills, and blocking good bills all to make yourself look good in front of your campaign contributors. That would be a start..  I'd lose your so called friends they keep me well informed!!!!  
Have a awesome day wasting our tax money!!!! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Being blocked for asking tough questions and being honest..

Yes folks I must have got under Whitney westerfields skin he blocked me on every social media site he's got.  Why?  Maybe cause this blog, or my questions, maybe because he can't answer honestly.  Even though he claims to be a Christian and has nothing to hide. LMAO why are you hiding now,  don't worry your friends will keep me updated on your life of lies. Here's my proof... 

See I can't follow him on twitter nor can I comment on his facebook page.  Umm he must have something to hide lol.. 
Oh well I still will do my research on him and how honest Christan life style is all a lie just for his office.  
See you soon folks..... 

Whitney Westerfield, John schekell

I would like to start with these two should be prosecuted for their ethics violations. Not only do they take bribe from big corporations, from houses to money, to cars, to our freedom.   They use the word Christian like its their way of life, well they are far from it.  Have you seen their houses, I know where they're from they didn't make that much. 
While they claim to work for us, they hide behind their big corporations,  here's the deal they have their hands in the alcohol industry,  pharmacy industry,  and the hemp industry.  They been called out on these things and have failed to produce anything to say otherwise,  so as a ex prococutor Westerfield should know he is guilty as charged, take note John schekell your lies don't go unnoticed. 
As they eat their 300$ meals and drink the finest whiskey and then drive back to their mansions putting the very ones they work for in harms way. 
No it's not all about medical marijuana or the Veterans, it's about our right to choose our own medical treatment.  Doctors prescribe pill after pill after pill hoping to finally find one that works, knowing they are destroying your body along the way, do they care no as long as they make that 💰 along the way. 
Our veterans they let get the worst treatment ever. The waiting times on appointments are months and months out.  While they sit back and boast about the work they do our veterans are wasting away, the ones who gave them their freedom and their precious children their freedom.  
Let's not forget JESUS CHRIST who they defile on a daily basis. If you're a crooked, corrupt politician you have no right to even speak of JESUS CHRIST as you know the work and words you do are corrupt. 


Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm a Christian!!!

Have you ever looked at the representatives web pages, they almost all state in the first few words I'm a Christian!!!! This word is thrown around like candy. Are they?  I will say that God never took bribes from big pharmacy or courpt corporations, check them out folks.  Senator schekell, Whitney westerfield, Tommy Thompson, Joe Bowen,  all these cracks say I'm a Christian, Christian this ,Christian that, blah, blah, blah  it's the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard. Just because you go to church doesn't make you a Christian. You have to try to live the life Jesus did. Not by lying, taking bribes, stealing from the American people. It just makes me sick to see all these boys, yes boys,  to say they're CHRISTIANS . Whitney westerfield used to judge people daily in his prococutors position, and still to this day he judges the American people daily thinking he knows what we need all the while the Devil is on his shoulder telling him what to do every step of the way. Here's my resolution VOTE THEM ALL OUT PERIOD!!!  Check out there houses folks it's all about MONEY PERIOD!!!!!