Saturday, February 27, 2016

The government and drugs.

So the government is always making laws against drugs, but they never say anything about prescription drugs or alcohol. So it leads me to wonder how many kick backs are the getting from prescription drug companies and alcohol companies.  I've asked several of my so called leaders for a show of there campaign contributions, Whitney westerfield, Tommy Thompson, Joe Bowen, and several more.  I have yet to see anything yet.  Have you seen a prescription drug commercial and heard all the side effects, OMG!!!  Really!!!  I have mental issues and was prescribed many many many prescriptions wish made me only worse.  Take this pill for this, then this pill to combat the effects of that one and another for that one, and another and another, soon I was taking a hand full, 16 to be exact.  The effects are a life full. I don't condone street drugs at all, matter of fact I hate them,  but I have to say these morons Whitney westerfield, Tommy Thompson, Joe Bowen,  who all smoked marijuana I sure in there college years won't even approve research but are sure to promote prescription drugs and alcohol.  Why?  Well just like everyone else you promote your sponsors. Open your eyes folks they are snakes in the grass waiting to strike.  The lies have got to stop, and the use of God to promote yourself is BULLSHIT PERIOD!!!!  Watch and listen!!!! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Blah blah blah,,  talk is so cheap, all our politicians want talk about this and talk about that, but we see no real action.. As the case with Whitney westerfield and Tommy Thompson these to take the cake. To say you suggest something and take no action,, why then even say anything thing. Like all politicians we pay them for doing the stupid shit they do.  They all are a waist of our time and our money. They stomp all over our constitutional rights like crazy. They do nothing for are veterans, nothing about the corruption, all they do is use God in there campaigns to get elected, and once there in they waste our time and money on stupid bills that are incripped with other laws and taxes. Who else can read a 2000 page bill in one day and vote on it the next day . We put these people in office who don't know shit about the constitution and we allow them to walk all over it. People like Whitney westerfield and Tommy Thompson who pat there self on their back for the talk they talk I for one am tired of talk, when I say something I do it as you see in my ACTIONS!!!!!
Have a great day folks..
Call your politicians today and tell them we want action not TALK.... 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's not always about DRUGS!!!!!

So I find myself thinking this morning why when you attack a person who is in the Senate or in Congress and your an ex user, why does it always turn out to be about drugs?  Whitney westerfield I don't care about if we disagree on marijuana or not, even though it is a "God" given plant.  Here's my point people they seek us out for their votes and then they want us to seek them out for help. Here's my theory if your appointed to a commitee you go out of your way to seek out all that need your help. You don't go and try to fight crime in the state house (since that's your previous job) #prosecutor.... You don't fight for things that's going to make you look good, you do what you said you were going to do, actions always speak louder than words.  Whitney I challenged you to post where all your campaign contributions come from and still no response. We want to know who you work for?  You claim to be christian, but your lies tell other wise, STOP!!!!!  Using God as your crutch!!!  You work for us, we don't work for you, STOP!!!  Working for your looks!  STOP!!!!  I will not allow you to use God as your crutch to stay in the house, you should be ashamed of yourself..  I'm watching every media site and digging deep into your background, I sure hope you have been truthful with US!!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I'm back!!!!

Well after having a total mental breakdown, a 4 and half hour Standoff with the cops shooting at them three times. I spent 26 months of a 5 year sentence, I'm back better than ever and prepared to do some more blogging about the dumbass that get elected to stand up for us in our states. No it won't be the old blogs of before (rants) these will be better than ever as I start to dig into the backgrounds of these useless people first up WHITNEY WESTERFIELD and of course some of the old ones also like TOMMY THOMPSON. There lies and and deep pockets and so called Christian values will be showed to the world, so sit back and enjoy folks. This about to get interesting!!!!!