Saturday, February 27, 2016

The government and drugs.

So the government is always making laws against drugs, but they never say anything about prescription drugs or alcohol. So it leads me to wonder how many kick backs are the getting from prescription drug companies and alcohol companies.  I've asked several of my so called leaders for a show of there campaign contributions, Whitney westerfield, Tommy Thompson, Joe Bowen, and several more.  I have yet to see anything yet.  Have you seen a prescription drug commercial and heard all the side effects, OMG!!!  Really!!!  I have mental issues and was prescribed many many many prescriptions wish made me only worse.  Take this pill for this, then this pill to combat the effects of that one and another for that one, and another and another, soon I was taking a hand full, 16 to be exact.  The effects are a life full. I don't condone street drugs at all, matter of fact I hate them,  but I have to say these morons Whitney westerfield, Tommy Thompson, Joe Bowen,  who all smoked marijuana I sure in there college years won't even approve research but are sure to promote prescription drugs and alcohol.  Why?  Well just like everyone else you promote your sponsors. Open your eyes folks they are snakes in the grass waiting to strike.  The lies have got to stop, and the use of God to promote yourself is BULLSHIT PERIOD!!!!  Watch and listen!!!! 

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