Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Blah blah blah,,  talk is so cheap, all our politicians want talk about this and talk about that, but we see no real action.. As the case with Whitney westerfield and Tommy Thompson these to take the cake. To say you suggest something and take no action,, why then even say anything thing. Like all politicians we pay them for doing the stupid shit they do.  They all are a waist of our time and our money. They stomp all over our constitutional rights like crazy. They do nothing for are veterans, nothing about the corruption, all they do is use God in there campaigns to get elected, and once there in they waste our time and money on stupid bills that are incripped with other laws and taxes. Who else can read a 2000 page bill in one day and vote on it the next day . We put these people in office who don't know shit about the constitution and we allow them to walk all over it. People like Whitney westerfield and Tommy Thompson who pat there self on their back for the talk they talk I for one am tired of talk, when I say something I do it as you see in my ACTIONS!!!!!
Have a great day folks..
Call your politicians today and tell them we want action not TALK.... 

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