Monday, March 21, 2016

Scared politicians

It's funny how politicians get scared when you put their name out there and talk the talk they can't handle. They want us to bow down to them when they should be bowing down to us. We put them there where they're at and when we get upset and ask the tough hard questions or question their Morales they run and hide.  Yes speaking of Whitney westerfield,  I have spoken about medical marijuana, about my veteran wife,  about his so called Christian values, asked tough questions, asked for proof he isn't be bought by big corporations, asked to see his campaign contributions, and what happens I get blocked.  Why maybe he's scared, maybe he's researched my back ground, do I care NO!!!!  
He is just like the rest of the loser politicians we got. 
Lies and ethics violations are the worst when your a politician, oh yeah I'm doing the research to show the folks of Kentucky what a lying hypocrite you are,  and to throw I'm a Christian around like your a saint.  Please you are far from it. Stop lying and righting stupid bills, and blocking good bills all to make yourself look good in front of your campaign contributors. That would be a start..  I'd lose your so called friends they keep me well informed!!!!  
Have a awesome day wasting our tax money!!!! 

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