Friday, August 21, 2009


I got e-mail from stupid attorney yesterday finialy , he s gone get to get another one hope they plan to do the job right cause Im surely not going to put up with any more tax suckers who thing they dont have to do anything but to suck up the tax payers money and blow us off like we dont matter, but greed set in and they think got them now I dont have to do nothing just suck up the free tax payers money , sad fnk thing is its just not me their are millions of people they screw and they know it I dont under why all the world sits by and laughs at ones misfortion, ever watch my name is earl , then you must know karma, she is real and she will bite u on your ass everytime trust me I ve seen it , I ve lived it , all these mother fnkin tax suckers will get theres oneday and it may be buy a total stranger that they look at wrong but it will happen , but any way so long tax sucker be nice to c the attorney never work for the state again but thats futher down the road so we will c how much people care.

kills me to think that if its this way now then whats it going to be like for our kids (thank god my kids dont have blonde hair theyed be in trouble) when they get my age or my parents age . I think there will be alot more people snaping in the world and its all there fault actually as they sit back in there 12 fckin homes at a price of our expence ,our hard earn dollars payed for them all how is that and I dont own one, dont know if I want to Hell it will never be yours you still have to pay property tax as if you bought it each year the land its not yours its the city county state gov. you know if they want it they take it weather you like it or not course unless you got money and pay them off or make a big donation to there personal account then they might think about it. so too all you tax suckin mother fckers I got something u can suck and to all u people who dont care hope u live a very karma life and she fcks your world up and spits you out like they do us and for the ones who do care dont be afraid to use your mouth speak up cause they cant hear you good day

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  1. man, i loved the earl comment, things can only go up. remember everything goes round comes round