Thursday, August 20, 2009

when will it stop

I been fighting with the stupid people we put in office since i was 18 and nothing has changed , now I m 35 now and shit it worse than ever the goverment is paid to much for what they do (which is not much ) and we allow this, Why ,do we not care about our kids cause if it dont stop now there is no hope for their future. we are so worried about health care,what about we the people. Notice how the goverment is always broke or need more money,our money, and then blow it on people who dont care about we the people,just them there selfs, hell Im broke and need money for a attorney to sue the county in which I live cause the useless poeple in this state,city,county,goverment piss me off cause they dont protect us from people they know are bad they just let them continue to abuse the good poeple of this state and the higher ups know what the hell is going on, they just dont care, WHY? To stop the destuction of our goverment you must start at the bottom, not the top, does a cop start at the top to catch a drug dealer, hell no he starts at the bottom, the small guy, and thats what has to be done to stop the goverment from screwing us everyday of our lives, like pay there ass $6.35 an hour , whats good for us should be good for them right? Thats where Im at , a very serious problem with x-wife and they dont do shit about the slander harassment and the bullshit she pulls. and gets away with it, things like tring to buy a baby for $3000 and a ford expedition and she got away , now she back and they act like she a queen, so what to do? Ill tell u as a father there seems to be no help for us, just for the mothers, unless we got lots of money. WOULD LOVE FOR EVERYONE TO TAKE A STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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