Sunday, August 30, 2009


ok this goes out to the people

how the hell do you go to someone house as a sheriff and not ckeck

the back yard as( the 911 caller) said.

this kills me to think expected us to beleive there here to serve and protect

well i guess that proves it,

dumb ass what the hell was they thinking c that the thing i guess they wasnt i dont

understand so many clues so little help sucks is the nieghor knew and cared enough to call

but nobody did there job like always and we sit back and let this happen.

thats why I blog to so just how unjust they really are . You know it is up to us to stop

this shit but we sad feel bad for the ones who have to suffer

because we the people dont i guess give a shit.

just think we the people pay their pays checks every week, month what ever so

i say to the ones who dont care this is your fckin fault stand up quit hiding

for the ones who care keep care maybe one day we will make them c

so long for now GOOD DAY .


  1. okay troy. Now that you made NO sense at all!
    might I suggest that you proof read your posts a little?
    WTF are you talking about? I get it that the cops failed at thier jobs again and there was something in the backyard? was is wanted criminal hiding, a pool party with 50 topless hookers, a pot plant or maybe a retched corpse?
    Dude the suspense is killing me :D

    Keep in mind, if your commenting on a story you see on channel 5, this is the world wide web. only your city/state sees what you do. The rest of the world has no idea what youre talking about. Me personally, I dont read newspapers and never watch news sites.

    I do have a story I'll tell ya tho(you probably know it, but I love it.
    Awhile back, i think in Texas, cops go to serve papers to a guy. keep in mind crime is high and texas folk all are armed. So these smart guys go to the house, kick in the door screamed, one cop shot dead and another wounded. I think they shot the 80yo lady sitting in her chair. OOPS wrong house. The bad guy was next door. Yes the police went to the wrong house. Good Recon Intel huh.
    You should read my bio chaptr

    about half way down the post you'll see "knock knock knock" That my friend is how I interact with the police at my door :D

  2. the girl that they just found that got kid napped 18 years ago

  3. yea it's pretty amazing that nobody suspected anything even when the neighbor called. they said the cop didn't know he was a registered offender, so if everything looks normal...there's no reason for him to probe. i still say castration is the only way to protect our kids from these perverts.

  4. You need to calm down when you wright I have the same trouble some times I have to read and reread my post and still make mistakes but slow down and use the spell check. and yes it was unforgivable what happened.

  5. If 15 people had a piece of a puzzle, there is no way to put the puzzle together unless all of these people sat a a table together.
    As for the police, if they visit a house, say for a barking dog, they are not going to search the property.

  6. sorry if read i said there was a 911 call to the police about kids staying in tents in the backyard and they didnt look I d say on a call like that even after the guy is a sex offender get my point if they did their job like we pay them to do they would have found her. dogs r dog, not humans thats is the problem they think we are just that there pets, I can for sure say I m not there fckin pet I try to get them to do there job, but its those who think we are pets, are actually they are the pets, how do i know cause they listen so well just like pets.